About Leinster Artificial Grass

Leinster Artficial Grass

About Us

Leinster Artificial Grass is operated by Gary Boland. Gary has a 12 year background in landscape design and construction. He became acutely aware of the difficulty in terms of cost and time of maintaining decent turf lawns in an Irish climate. At the same time he was aware of the great advances being made in artificial grass which is now realistic, durable and affordable.

Leinster Artificial Grass was established to meet a growing demand for professional artificial grass installations for clients that expect work to be carried out to an exacting standard. Laying artificial grass is a technical process and unless the best quality of materials and highest standards of installation are used the end result can be visibly sub-standard and may not have a long life before it needs to be replaced.

Accreditation & Training

Gary has trained with and is accredited by Sanctuary Synthetics, Ireland’s leading artificial grass supplier, where he exclusively sources the highest quality of artificial grass.

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